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By Stephen Mitchell

An anthology of poetry selected from the world's nice spiritual and literary traditions--the ideal spouse to the bestselling Tao Te Ching.

• The Upanishads • The publication of Psalms • Lao-tzu • The Bhagavad Gita • Chuang-tzu • The Odes of Solomon • Seng-ts'an • Han-shan • Li Po • Tu Fu • Layman P'ang • Kukai • Tung-shan • Symeon the hot Theologian • Izumi Shikibu • Su Tung-p'o • Hildegard of Bingen • Francis of Assisi • Wu-men • Dõgen • Rumi • Mechthild of Magdeburg • Dante • Kabir Mirabai • William Shakespeare • George Herbert • Bunan • Gensei • Angelus Silesius • Thomas Traherne • Basho • William Blake • Ryõkan • Issa • Ghalib • Bibi Hayati • Wait Whitman • Emily Dickinson • Gerard Manley Hopkins • Uvavnuk • nameless Navaho • W. B. Yeats • Antonio Machado • Rainer Maria Rilke • Wallace Stevens • D.H. Lawrence • Robinson Jeffers •

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No waves, no wind, the empty boat is flooded with moonlight. ON NON-DEPENDENCE OF brain Coming, going, the waterbirds don’t depart a hint, don’t stick with a direction. RUMI (1207-1273) Don’t grieve. whatever you lose comes around in one other shape. the kid weaned from mother’s milk now beverages wine and honey combined. God’s pleasure strikes from unmarked field to unmarked field, from mobile to telephone. As rainwater, down into flowerbed. As roses, up from flooring. Now it seems like a plate of rice and fish, now a cliff lined with vines, now a horse being saddled. It hides inside those, until someday it cracks them open. a part of the self leaves the physique once we sleep and alterations form. you may say, “Last evening i used to be a cypress tree, a small mattress of tulips, a box of grapevines. ” Then the illusion is going away. You’re again within the room. I don’t need to make someone anxious. listen what’s in the back of what I say. Ta dum dum, taaa dum, ta ta dum. There’s the sunshine gold of wheat within the sunlight and the gold of bread made of that wheat. i've got neither. I’m basically speaking approximately them, as a city within the barren region seems up at stars on a transparent evening. Translate via Coleman Bark with A. J. Arberry Morning: a elegant knifeblade, the scent of white camphor burning. The sky tears his blue Sufi gown intentionally in part. sunlight Rumi drags his darkish contrary out of sight. a cheerful Turk is available in. A grieving Hindu leaves. The King of the Ethiopians is going. Caesar arrives. nobody understands how what alterations, adjustments. One 1/2 the planet is grass. the opposite part grazing. A pearl is going up for public sale. nobody has sufficient, so the pearl buys itself. We stand beside Noah and David and Rabia and Jesus and Muhammed. Quietness back lifts and planes out, the blood in our heads gliding within the sky of the mind. Translate by way of Coleman Bark with A. J. Arberry while grapes flip to wine, they lengthy for our skill to alter. whilst stars wheel round the North Pole, they're eager for our turning out to be cognizance. Wine received under the influence of alcohol with us, no longer the wrong way. The physique constructed out people, no longer we from it. we're bees, and our physique is a honeycomb. We made the physique, cellphone by means of mobilephone we made it. Translate by means of Robert Bly completely awake, and apropos of not anything, he involves see me. Is an individual right here? I ask. The moon. the entire moon is inside of your home. My pals and that i pass working out into the road. I’m in the following, comes a voice from the home, yet we aren’t listening. We’re having a look up on the sky. My puppy nightingale sobs like a inebriated within the backyard. Ringdoves scatter with small cries, the place, the place. It’s hour of darkness. the entire local is up and out in the road pondering, The cat-burglar has come again. the particular thief is there too, asserting out loud, certain, the cat-burglar is someplace during this crowd. not anyone can pay recognition. Lo, i'm with you usually, capacity in the event you search for God, God is within the glance of your eyes, within the considered having a look, closer to you than yourself, or issues that experience occurred to you. There’s no use to move outdoor. Be melting snow. Wash your self of your self.

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